Saturday, 3 December 2011

Freezer door advent calendar

Cut out 24 cards and fold them in half.

Write the numbers 1-24 on the front - toddler can help.

Think of twenty-four activities to prepare for Christmas.  Use your diary to add in the Christmas things that you are doing anyway and get your toddler to help you think of others.  Our activities include visiting Santa in his grotto, making wrapping paper, making the Christmas cake and pudding, salt dough decorations, going to the ceramic experience to make gifts, decorating the tree, watching a Christmas film etc. etc.  Write the activities in the card.  Depending on how much time you have your child can decorate them.

Blutac the cards closed and then blutac them to a suitable surface or hang them from a branch.  I wasn't prepared and all the branches around here are very wet, so I stuck them on the freezer door, and have explained to C that when we get to number 24, that's when Father Christmas comes and brings presents, and that we open one each day.

Sis is not quite patient enough for that, and I have to catch her before she pulls them all off and eats them.

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  1. am going to adapt this for next year - thanks for the inspiration.