Saturday, 31 December 2011

Funny food fancies in toddlers

I knew it would be coming at some point, but the time has arrived.  C is showing some likes and dislikes with food.  I think all toddlers go through this, and the way to prevent it developing into serious food faddiness or fussiness is just to keep very chilled about it.  "Oh, you don't want to eat that.  Okay" (but don't go and cook something else for them!).  "You don't like mushrooms at the moment?  Okay, I'm sure you'll like them again soon.  Just leave them on the plate."

At the moment he eats tons for breakfast and lunch, but not much at dinner time (still likes his dessert though!).  He's not into potatoes, but loves his bread.  He's not liking mushrooms, but will devour peas.  
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The best one was today though, when he asked for some black pudding from daddy's plate while out at a cafe, and then announced that "Black pudding is my favourite."  For those not from the UK, where this dish is part of the traditional breakfast, black pudding is a sausage (you usually get served a thick slice, lightly fried) made from pigs blood, blended with onions and oatmeal.  Sound delightful?  It really is, though not something I would imagine many toddlers have on their "favourite food" list.

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  1. Hopefully he'll continue to like black pudding and not change his mind each week as my little girl does. But I agree that staying relaxed about food rejections is the most important thing - closely followed by not offering to cook something else for them. And just because I'm incredibly mean, I don't let my daughter visit her nana during a hunger strike (otherwise she'll fill up on sweets, biscuits, juice - though occasionally MIL buys fruit that daughter likes to steal and eat)!