Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas to one and all

Great news!
Santa heard about my broken camera and has brought me a new one for Christmas!

Disappointing news...
You'll note that blog posts have been thin on the ground over the last couple of weeks.  I've been getting myself in a tizz trying to make all the lovely presents I had planned... and failing miserably.  How many did I manage to make?  Pretty much zero.  Still, I now have twelve whole months to get on with it ready for next year!

We had a very calm and relaxed Christmas at home with the family.  C now knows about Christmas, and will be anticipating the fun next year.  It went over Sis's head a bit still, and of course she was content to either play with the paper or head for whichever toy C happened to be playing with at any given time.  Here she is opening one of her presents (note the beer in the background - we left it out for Santa):
and C opening one of his:

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