Sunday, 13 November 2011

This week we have been mostly enjoying... being outdoors

Enjoying the season of Autumn.
Walks outside with the Waggy-tailed-one.
I found a stick
 This weekend's "We're going to the on-an-adventure" which was to the Linn of Tummel, where the rivers Tummel and Garry meet just outside Pitlochry.  Plenty of woodland walking, waterfalls and autumn.
The river Tummel under Coronation Bridge

Exploring the woods

"tables and chairs"

The Linn of Tummel - River Garry on the right and Tummel on the left, merging to the Tummel.
C is throwing his "wery wery big pine cone" into the water.

Not many pics of this one, as she was in the sling on my back, and mostly asleep through the walk.

Waterfall near the Linn.  I have rafted down this one - great adrenaline rush!

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