Friday, 11 November 2011

Adventures - the Zoo

Both Hubby and I are busy people.  We both volunteer for the Scouts, I run our toddler group, and he is on-call for work every few weekends.  So when we both have a weekend at home, we have taken to "going on an adventure" on one of the days (usually Saturday) and then spending Sunday getting on with things around the house and at our desks.

Going to the Scottish Museum of Transport was one such adventure.  We're going on another tomorrow (I'll keep you in suspension on that one for now), and last weekend we went to...

...Edinburgh Zoo.

I'll admit right at the beginning that I'm not a big fan of zoos.  The animals just don't seem to have enough space.  I prefer the safari park, though there are negatives there too, and neither compares to supporting these animals in the wild where they belong.  But... the safari park has closed for the winter, and the zoo does do a lot of work for conservation, even if the animals are in captivity, and it was a chance for C and Sis to get a look at some really awesome animals.

At the beginning C was more excited about the Hilltop Safari (Landrover and trailer) that took us to the top of the hill, and kept wanting to find it again, but it didn't take long for him to start getting more excited about the animals.  

We saw lions having a fight, chimps swinging, zebra, flamingos, tigers, rheas and lots more besides.

Including a "Penguin Parade"!
Plus there was a cafe and a play-park!

What more could a young family ask for on a family adventure?

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