Monday, 7 November 2011

A half hour hutch...

This was an impromptu project, and I'm sure that if you take longer and plan better, then you can do a better job - but here's what we did.

It all started with some drawing.  C wanted me to draw some rabbits, so I did.  Then, knowing the contents of my recycling box I had a sudden bright idea.

To make a rabbit hutch.

We opened out a cereal box, cut out some windows on one side and coloured it brown:
Then we put the cereal box back together but inside out (with the brown showing on the outside).
We drew a background for the rabbit hutch, we went for green grass with pink flowers.

Then we found a rabbit to live in the hutch, provided him with some paper-towel bedding (I thought of using wood shavings, as I have some stashed in the pantry, but I had just vacuumed!), and a little bowl with some conkers to eat, and hey presto - a rabbit hutch!

Little C has been playing with this on and off ever since.  He likes to offer Soft Bunny a conker to eat, make him lie down, and bring him out for a run.  The hutch won't last long, but we've exercised our creativity for well over half an hour, had some fun, and all for the price of a bit of waste cardboard.

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