Thursday, 3 November 2011

Best pics from October

Bear in  mind that since our trip to Applecross in September I haven't had my normal, nice, compact, amazing little camera.  I dropped it in the sand and now it won't work, and the cost of repair turned out to be only £10 less than the cost of a brand new updated one of the same model.  No-brainer.  I'm using Hubby's 'spare' camera.  It's much more expensive than mine, so I don't have it lying around the house the same way I had my own, and it's bigger, so doesn't easily slot into a bag / pocket of pushchair etc, so I just don't have the array of photos to choose from that I usually manage.  Anyway, here are my best photos from October:
concentrating very hard on painting - I'm amazed he doesn't have his tongue out

modelling the new towel

Daddy, Little Sis and the Waggy-tailed-one.
We're currently in the process of teaching Little Sis about not pulling dog fur.

Enjoying a good walk up our hill in the autumn air - no rain for a change!

He fell in love with this hat as soon as I pulled it out of a bag of hand-me-down clothes for Little Sis

I don't like pink, but I do like this shade on Little Sis.
She's posing for the camera.

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