Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My beauty regime

I can't help laughing at the title of this post, as "beauty regime" isn't really a fitting term.  There isn't much beauty and there certainly isn't much of a regime.  I suppose it could be described as "physical maintenance routine" (the type of maintenance you aim to keep up with a car and never quite manage).  Anyhow, I thought I'd blog about it here in the hope that it might encourage me to get with it a bit more.

Okay... where to begin...

I do some.  Occasionally.  Lets look for the positives.  I walk the dog every day, usually for about an hour.  If either Big C or I are out in the evening then I go out with the little ones and I'm either pushing one and carrying the other, or carrying/pushing one and the other one is walking, so in either case it's not a fast walk.  If we're both in for the evening, then I go out with the Waggy-tailed-one after the small people are in bed, which means its a much brisker walk (and getting darker).  I was jogging this, but fell off the wagon a month ago after our castle trip and then having a cold, and then being really busy.  I need to get back on the wagon, and fast because my current route is mostly unlit footpaths, and I was hoping to be jogging a longer, and lit, route by the time the evenings were getting dark.  Okay, that's me prompted.  I will get back on the wagon.  I also occasionally jump around in front of or with the kiddies to an exercise DVD, I have a new one called "Fun and Fitness for Mummy and Me", which my mum passed on, and which currently I do alone while Little C watches bemusedly rather than joining in.  The plan is also to go on the exercise bike on those evenings when I am home with the kiddies.  There are just so many jobs to do!

Oh this one's hilarious.  My hair is usually a mess.  I generally cut it myself, somewhere between chin and shoulder length, with a fringe.  Sometimes layered and sometimes not.  I've been going grey since I was about 20 so dye my hair every 6-8 weeks.  I'm planning on getting it cut at the hairdresser at some point, at which time I'll have to explain to the hairdresser that I require a completely no-maintenance "do".  I shower most days, usually in the evening (after jogging), and probably every other day will wash my hair.  If it's nearly my bed time I'll blast it with a hair drier, but otherwise just run a brush through it and let it dry naturally.  In the morning I usually brush my hair (it's a bit scary when you get to Friday morning and go searching for the brush only to find it still in the swimming bag - we go swimming on Wednesday mornings!).  If it looks dreadful then I put it in a pony-tail or stick a clip in (depending on the current length), but if it's okay then I leave it loose.  On the rare occasions when I dress up nicely, then I take the trouble to blow-dry properly.  I sometimes even use straighteners.

Skin and nail treatments
Soap and water.  Sometimes shower gel.  Plus whatever bits and bobs of bath/shower stuff I've been given as gifts.  Sometimes a dollop of moisturiser if I'm feeling decadent.  Some scrubby soap if I need to get ingrained soil and mud or bicycle oil out of my hands.  Anti-perspirant.

Make up
Usually none.  If I'm looking tired, pale, ill or generally run down then I may pep myself up with a little concealer in the bags under my eyes and over any spots, a little lippy (a kind of pinky-burgundy colour) and some dark brown or black eye-liner well smudged in.  If I'm going dressy, then as above, with the addition of a little foundation cream and possibly some brown eye-shadow and some black mascara.  This is the make-up I've used and worn since I started wearing make-up at about the age of 17, and it hasn't changed.  I wear it so rarely that when I do, I try to keep it subtle.  It seems to work.

A dab of perfume on dressy occasions.  I've had the odd bottle as a gift over the years and have only ever bought one for myself.  I wear it so rarely that there just doesn't seem to be the need.

That's it.  Does this make me a "slummy mummy"?  It's not that I'm not bothered about my appearance.  I am.  It's just that I'm busy.  I'm outdoorsy.  I like the natural look.  I think there are far more important ways to spend my time than in front of a mirror.  Fitness and exercise are different - they are about health and feeling good.  Looking good - well doesn't that come from within?


  1. Why don't you invest in a head-torch for the darker night walks/jogs. I've just taken up hashing and we run off-road on unlit routes every Monday night. The head-torch I have even bends over so I can light the path just in front so I can avoid tree routes, rocks etc and spot the hash trail marks.

  2. I've got at least 4 head torches which I use for mountains, camping and picking up dog-poo. The paths around here though are, well, pretty ropey for travelling along at speed in the dark. Even what I describe as a "lit route" isn't actually lit. It's just a road which is easier to see rather than a quagmire of mud, stones etc. I'll try it with the torch tomorrow night, but may well need to change my route.