Monday, 26 September 2011

Cheap and Free

What can you do with a toddler and a baby on an autumn morning that won't empty your purse?

Try this and you'll find you are adding instead of taking away.

We took advantage of a beautiful sunny morning to go out to the woods in search of blackberries. 

Little C was alternating between the pushchair and walking until we abandoned it at the entrance to the woods (we collected it again on our way back).  Little Sis was snuggled up in the backpack and took the opportunity for her morning nap.  The waggy-tailed-one galloped alongside and darted off into the trees.

We started out admiring the colours all around us as the trees are on the turn, looking at mushrooms, squelching in muddy puddles and running around.  Once we found the blackberry patch, I explained to Little C that this is a prickly plant, that he should only eat black ones rather than red or green and that he needs to check for bugs before eating.  After that I pointed out low down and accessible ones for him, and he popped as many as he could directly into his mouth, while I gathered the ones that were a little more difficult to reach and put them in a tub.  There weren't all that many, but enough to make a blackberry and apple crumble for dinner tonight and Little C had a wonderful time.  He absolutely loved being able to pick fruit himself and eat it.

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