Monday, 19 September 2011


Sorry, been AWOL since returning from holiday on Friday night, and even now it's just a quick list of excuses why I'm not writing a better post.

  1. I did write a lovely post all about my holiday with lots of pictures, but then it all deleted when I pressed something, so I need to write it all again, and just don't have the time just now, because...
  2. I'm running a Module 7 course (Valuing Diversity) of The Scout Association tomorrow night, so nap times are pretty full on getting everything prepared (or trying to catch up with the post-camping-holiday laundry mountain).
  3. I'm sad and despondent because I dropped my camera on the sandy beach on the one day of sunshine we enjoyed on our holiday, and now it doesn't work and needs to be sent off to Glasgow for a repair (sand in the lens zoomy in-and-out bit mechanism).  It means that apart from my holiday pics there won't be any new photos for the blog in the next few weeks.
So anyway, I'll try to blog about the holiday tomorrow if I can manage it, and then get back to it - only without pics :(

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