Friday, 9 September 2011

Holiday time again

This summer I have actually been away every month for a holiday, I feel as though I have been very decadent.  Two weeks in Scarborough in June, a week in Devon in July, a long weekend in Gloucestershire in August and now we're going camping in Wester Ross (North West Scotland) for a week.

I absolutely love camping, and can't wait to get away.  Camping lately has been virtually non-existent.  We went when I was six months pregnant with Little C, then we went again a year later when he was nine months old.  It was fun, but required a bit of a shift in mindset.  One of us couldn't cook the breakfast while the other was in the shower block, because we needed a constant eye on Little C, who was at the age of crawling and pulling himself up on things (camp chairs and stove etc).  We also found it really difficult to get the tent up because at the end of a long journey he was screaming and needed some attention.  So we haven't been since.  I've been getting camp withdrawal symptoms.

camping huts at Applecross
So anyway, we're going camping for a week.  We've pretty much accomplished the mind-shift to altering things in order to accommodate small children now.  And to solve some of the problems, we have opted to use a camping hut rather than a tent.
A camping hut is basically a wooden hut with four sleeping mats on the floor, and an electric heater.  Other than not needing to bring sleeping mats or a tent, the rest of your camping experience is just the same.

The advantages?  You don't need to put up a tent; the electric heater provides a bit of extra warmth for the little ones; you can stand up and move around more easily for getting nappies changed and children dressed; you don't have to crawl in and out; I still love 'proper' camping, but this is a good intro for the small ones, and will help us get back into the groove. 

So, where are we going?
We're heading for Applecross.  It's probably one of the most beautiful places in the UK.  Beinn Bhan is one of my favourite mountains.  The pub at Applecross is superb.  The awesome views across to Skye. The variety of beaches.  Stunning wildlife.  Just around the corner to Torridon and then Loch Maree in one direction or Loch Carron and then Plockton in the other direction.

We are planning a week of chilling out.  Playing on the beaches (regardless of weather).  Bike rides.  Cafes.  Views.  Wildlife spotting.  Camp cooking.

Aaahhhhh.  I'm relaxing just thinking about it.

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  1. Have a wonderful time. I'm not even the tiniest bit jealous. Actually that is a huge lie. I am GREEN with envy x