Friday, 15 July 2011

Mummy Ramblings

A few random thoughts from mummy-dom:

  • Really, nothing beats that feeling when baby is snuggled in next to you in bed, sucking at the breast and looking into your eyes with their deep, deep ocean eyes.
  • The other great thing about breast-feeding - you get to this point, coming up to five months in, and you look at your baby and know that everything there is your effort.  I mean, I know that genetically Big C put in his half, and that he's certainly involved in her mental development, but physically, so far, it's all me.  I grew her from a little seed for nine months until she was a fully grown ready-to-be-born baby and then since then I have fed her and grown her and fed her and nurtured her, and wow she's fabulous!
  • Little C now has both a toilet seat and a potty.  The toilet seat we've had a while and he's sat on it a few times and has even produced a "number 2" to many congratulations and much whooping from mummy (who had been patiently sitting there with  him for nearly half an hour).  The potty I just got this morning.  He's beginning to be more aware of the sensation of needing to go, and going, and to help him equate this to what actually comes out, he's nappy-free in the garden at the moment.  I thought a potty to go in might be a good idea, especially since he wasn't entirely happy when it came out on the lawn yesterday.  He didn't go to the potty to do it (number 2) today though either - and don't even go there with the disgusting-ness of this - before I even had a chance to get a tissue to pick it up and dispose of it, in swoops the dog and wolfs it down... yuck!!!  That's twice in two days she's done this - I didn't let her lick me for quite a while I assure you.  Anyway, Little C is not even 2 yet (birthday on Monday!) so I think he's doing pretty well to have some sense of what's going on down there, and am not intending to rush him.
  • Love his language at the  moment.  He's doing brilliantly.  He constructs amazing sentences and has a great vocabulary, and is even having a go at plurals and tenses.  He hasn't quite got the hang of me/you/he yet though, so we had a conversation earlier like this (he's talking about his toy bin lorry):  Little C - "You got it from Grandma"; Mummy - "That's right, you did get it from Grandma, you need to say 'I got it from Grandma'.  Can you say that?";  Little C - (thinks for a moment) "He got his bin lorry from Grandma.  Grandma sent it to him in a parcel.";  You've got to love him for the effort he put in!
  • Bubble bath - Not bubble bath, but bubbles in the bath.  I brought one of those little pots of bubbles that Little C had in a party bag along to bath time tonight, and while Little Sis splashed vigorously and Little C poured water from one container to another I started blowing bubbles for them.  Little Sis was instantly wide-eyed and entranced, totally focused on the bubbles floating above her, while Little C started rather dangerously bouncing around the bath trying to catch them all.  Definitely one to repeat.

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