Saturday, 9 July 2011

Can't you sleep, Little Sister?

My evenings this week have vanished.  Projects hang in the air like so many spinning plates, hoping that I might return to them in time to stop them crashing to the ground.

Little Sister has discovered that being awake means fun time.  That awake time should equal mummy time, and that mummy time should equal breast.

This means that my previously brilliant, self-soothing, sleeping through the night and great naps kind of girl has taken to sleep refusal.  I've been putting her to bed, and as soon as the thumb is in the mouth (usually a sign that sleep is on the way) heading out for a jog with the dog.  I've been coming home to find a frustrated husband who can't console his little girl.  As soon as I appear she smiles, giggles, latches on and that's her attached for the night pretty much.

You might suggest that I should get him to take the dog out (he has tonight), but firstly he does his walk in the morning, and secondly, I need the fresh air and exercise as much as the dog does!

Tonight I decided I would wait until she's properly asleep before going out, but she cycled from thumb sucking to shouting and back again several times without actually going to sleep.  Big C took the dog.  She's now getting herself upset, so I'll go and settle her again, hoping that this time she'll actually go to sleep and stay that way, as she's getting pretty tired (as am I!).

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