Sunday, 17 July 2011

Aims and Targets

In case you're wondering how I got on with my targets from a couple of weeks ago, well... let's just say I'm still working on them!  Actually no, I'm doing pretty well.  I've been catching up quite well with the housework.  My filofax is once again organised (thank goodness - I feel a bit lost without that being in order).  My desk can once again be found and I have nearly cleared my in-box.  Oh, and  I have finally booked the Scout Training Course venues which I should have done ages ago.

I'm not making any aims or targets for the coming week because I'm away on holiday for a week as of Wednesday.   Just me and the kiddies down to Devon for the week to see my family and friends down there.  

I guess I should probably resolve to stay cool, calm and collected throughout the 8 hour+ train journey with toddler and baby in tow, including finding a seat and entertaining the toddler as he gets more and more tired through the journey; managing nappy changes in train toilets; managing to get from one train to another across a large and in-the-middle of renovation works station with buggy, toddler, baby, back-pack and large bag... can you tell I'm a little nervous about the prospect??  I'm determined that it will be easier than it would be to drive the whole distance though, so I have snacks and activities at the ready and we're all systems go.

I think I should probably also aim to make sure that tomorrow goes fabulously well for Little C.  It's his second birthday.  I can't believe he's two already.  More on that before I go on holiday.

One little target and aim I do have though is to lose some weight and get fitter.  I'm happily back to my pregnancy weight (she's 5 months old so that's not too bad).  However, my pre-pregnancy weight is a good stone heavier than I should be, and a stone and a half heavier than my ideal weight - the weight I was back in 2004 when I cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats and was the fittest I've been since I was 16.  I'm not going to actually disclose my weight here, but suffice it to say that I've set myself some rewards.  When I have lost half a stone I will go to the hairdresser (big event, I normally hack my own tresses).  When I have lost one stone and am down to what I should be, then I'll splash out on a new outfit.  If (and it's a big IF) I get down a stone and a half to my "Wow I'm pleased with myself" weight, then I will set myself a new target by entering myself for a triathlon.
How am I going to do it?  Not by dieting, see my post about "101 things to do before you diet".  I like food too much for dieting, so it'll never last.  Plus, I have a toddler and we do baking, and enjoy it.  And baking is always sweet and yummy.  No, instead I'm focusing on moving  more.  I've been out jogging or on the exercise bike almost every evening for the last few weeks, and I feel much better for it.  I also go out walking with a buggy and a child attached somewhere, and occasionally put on a "Fitness and Fun for Mummy and Me" DVD which I either do with toddler or watched with much astonishment by toddler and baby.  Smaller portions, and just a little more self-control when it comes to the chip shop, sweets, chocolate, late night snacks and cakes will also help.  It might take a while, but it will come off.

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