Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Not sleeping...

So I'm spending a lot of time awake in the middle of the night at the moment.  A combination of needing to go to the loo, baby having a good wriggle, Braxton Hicks contractions and... and this is the worst culprit... dreadful pelvic pain is meaning that I am often awake in the wee small hours.  It gets to the point at around 5am when I am in so much pain that I cannot keep still.  I know that if I stay in bed I won't go back to sleep, and am more than likely to be disturbing Big C, who has a full day at work in a high pressure job to get through - while I get to relax at home with Little C and take a big long afternoon nap.  So I'm getting up.

But what to do with myself at 5am?  I check my e-mails, look at a few blogs, but essentially I feel that I am wasting an hour or so when I could be doing something more constructive (while my men are asleep!).  If I went upstairs into the study instead of through to the sitting room I could be working on some writing, or getting some Scout training validated or planned.  If I had everything ready and it didn't involve digging noisily around in the craft area, then I could get on with some of the hand sewing on one of the many craft projects that I have on the go.

So there we are - a resolution.  I've another 6 weeks before baby's due to arrive.  I'm certain that I'll be up early on quite a few mornings out of those 42 - so I'll get some crafty things ready, or get upstairs and do some work, instead of gravitating to the sitting room.

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  1. You poor thing! You really have a crappy time with this whole pregnancy malarkey :( Smiles all round in 6 weeks though - last hurdle! :D

    Li'l friend for Little C :D And another Li'l friend for cousin Rachel.

    Thinking of you