Friday, 28 January 2011


Big C handed me a little insert from The Guardian called "Quick and healthy breakfasts".
Here's the list:

  • grilled sourdough with ricotta and herb paste
  • fruit salad in cardamom and lime syrup
  • sweetcorn cakes
  • grilled pink grapefruit with star anise
  • bircher muesli
  • mushrooms with sourdough croutons
  • irish oat porridge with banana, mango and coconut milk
  • chickpeas on toast
  • congee
  • braised eggs with tomato, spinach and yoghurt.
The sad thing is that none of these things looks even remotely appealing to me.  If you do fancy one of them though, the recipes are on this link

So anyway, I do like a bit of variety at breakfast time, and the idea of being stuck in a rut with the same boring breakfast every day is terrible to me.  I also like to try to include one of the 5-a-day in breakfast.
So here is my list of tasty breakfasts:
  • cereal - yes, we do have it, especially if I'm having a tired or struggle-to-get-out-of-bed morning, but I try to vary it, and also to include a handful of fruit, even if it's just a chopped half banana or handful of raisins.  My absolute favourite is Kellogs Start, but I'm also happy with Bran Flakes or Corn Flakes or their shop brand alternatives.
  • toast - again, this is one to alternate with cereal on days when doing anything more interesting is a challenge, and preferably with a piece of fruit or glass of orange juice to accompany.  I have mine with marmite, jam or marmalade.
  • toast with either fried mushrooms and scrambled eggs, or tinned tomato and bacon.
  • eggy bread (with cinnamon) and slices of apple lightly fried in butter (yum!)
  • pancakes (with fruit or stewed fruit)
  • scotch pancakes (as above)
  • porridge (with fruit stirred in) - I'm not averse to Oat so Simple, and have had a bit of a Readibrek craving just lately too.
  • Fruit smoothie.
  • Fruit salad with yoghurt and a sprinkle of toasted oats.
  • Fresh bread with home-made nut butter (made with cashew nuts, sunflower oil and honey mashed up in a pestle and mortar) and sliced banana.
  • Of course the traditional Scottish or English breakfast sometimes on the weekends
  • Sausage or bacon butties
There, I feel much better now!

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