Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making stuff for little people

Here are my latest two projects:

The first is a knitted toy tiger, another pattern from Jean Greenhowe which is for the new baby when it arrives in a few weeks.

Because it uses doubled up double knitting yarn and fat needles it's really chunky and very quick to knit.  I'm really pleased with the result and thinks he looks dead cute.

One of the first knitting patterns that I ever followed was for this knitted rabbit from "Easy Baby Knits" by Claire Mongomerie.  I never bothered with the tension square (does anybody?) and I used cheap very bright coloured wool instead of whatever was recommended.  But it was for Little C on his birth, and it has been in his cot with him (one of only two soft toys he has in there) ever since, and eighteen months on is very much loved.

The second project was a bit of bodyshop repair work on Little C's Christmas present.  We got him this cardboard car from the Early Learning Centre.  We figured it was inexpensive and just the fun of painting it would provide hours of fun and entertainment, even if the car didn't last.  Bear in mind that the recommended age range of this car is 3-6 years.  Little C has some difficulty climbing in and out, so it got a bit battered.

I won't include the photo of Little C and me painting the car, as he did it naked.  You can see the red paint all over the floor, much fun was had I assure you, and the bath went red afterwards as he also enjoyed painting his own legs and tummy!

Anyway, after sitting unused for a week now because it was in a bit of a bad way after constant playing at Christmas, I decided it was time to spruce up the car and make it road ready.

It even has a personalised number plate - very swish!

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