Wednesday, 28 May 2014

An interview with C. aged 4 1/2.

 This post is inspired by one I saw here, on The Artful Parent. I just said, "I want to interview you for my blog.  Can you come and sit here and answer some questions?"  I was expecting him to make a daft noise and run away or do a forward roll or something equally as helpful, so the first surprise in this interview was his compliance!  I'll interview Bug next week, so that's one to look forward to.  Here's how things went with C:

Hello C.
How old are you.
Tell me about pre-school.
I always play outside.  I love doing register and I haven't done the weather for ages.  (At register they take it in turns to select the correct card for the date, the day and the weather - the weather is the most popular.)
Do you have any friends?
Can you tell me about them?
I love chasing Percy and I like my new friend Jack.
What's your favourite thing to do at home?
Play with the Lego and with my old jeep.
Do you like it outside?
What do you like outside?
I love running around and riding my bike and stuff.  And gardening.
Tell me what you think about your sister (she was trying to climb on me as I was asking the questions)
I like her.
And the rest of your family? 
I love them.
And some quick ones:
Favourite colour? Purple
Favourite toy? Old Jeep (this was found in the attic at Nana and Grandad's and is more than forty years old)
Favourite clothes?  All of them
Favourite story?  "We're all going on a Bear Hunt" (by Michael Rosen)
Favourite song?  All the ones I make up myself
Favourite thing on television?  Deadly Pole to Pole

It will be nice to do this again in the future and see how his answers change.  At the end I thanked him for doing such a nice interview, and he beamed at me.

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