Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Filling the business box

Bug is now at pre-school!  She's there three mornings per week, for two and a half hours, which gives me... seven and a half hours child free per week!  Well, not quite, what with the pick up and drop off, and being on parent rota every other week.  I'm counting on four undisturbed hours per week (and don't doctor's appointments, and caravan service, and other errands want to fill those hours?!).

I am trying hard to maintain four hours for work, which will I hope eventually pay off - with cash.

The idea is that I spend two undisturbed hours on a Monday doing writing.  And I must finish and send off pieces of work that have been gathering dust in my hard-drive.  Nobody's going to publish them if I never get around to sending them off. 

On Tuesday I spend two undisturbed hours making things for my craft stall and website, which I'll launch once I have enough stock in the box.  I've been working on several items over the months, which have really been prototypes so I can see where I need to improve quality, and how long things take to make, and I can hone techniques.  I'm now at the stage where the things I'm making are getting towards being high enough quality that I won't be embarrassed to try and sell them.  Into the box last week went:
just two of these key-rings for now, there are improvements that still need to be made.

six of these lovely warm fleecy hats, with oak leaves on top (for the autumn/Christmas market)
Sadly nothing went in this week, as I've had yet another bout of being unwell (I might post more on that another day, but I might not, it's really too much information!).

Exciting times coming up though, as we are planning a move from Scotland back to England, which will mean upheaval for all.  We've been here for seven years, which is the second longest I've lived anywhere.  It's possible that the move will happen before the end of the Summer, in which case I'll probably hold off my craft launch until we get there, so I can suss out the craft fairs to get started with.

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