Friday, 23 August 2013

Leftover Lunch

As a mum with little beans at home, I want lunch to be both nutritious and appealing.  One can't live on bacon sandwiches alone more's the pity.

This lunch is an ideal for using up bits and pieces around the fridge, is very easy and equals absolutely no fussing.

Simply get a large plate and put lots of bits and pieces from your fridge: leftovers from meals, bits of fruit and salad etc.  Try to provide a mixture of protein and salad and fruit items to keep things nice and balanced.  Today our plate had on it:

  • leftover pork chop from Tuesday night (chopped)
  • cucumber
  • leftover risotto from Wednesday night in a bowl
  • cherry tomato quarters
  • leftover chicken thigh from last night's Paella (chopped)
  • grated cheese
  • salami (chopped)
  • grape halves
Then give each person as many pitta pockets as you think they are likely to eat, and get them to help themselves.  You don't have to use Pitta bread, other types of bread or jacket potatoes are fine, but my offspring really enjoy filling pitta pockets so it keeps lunchtime fun!

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