Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How's the model railway progressing? Trees

Slowly slowly...
We've now added some trees to our scenery.  These are Noch mixed trees.  I've just glued them on with PVA, but as the scenery is sloped, and neither the "roots" nor the bottom part of the trunk bends, they are bent at the top instead.  They've made quite a difference to the look of the scenery.
As you can see from the bottom corner of the photograph, I've also started work on the fence.  It's quite intricate so I'm taking my time, and at the moment I have about 25 washing pegs attached to it to hold the wire in place while the glue dries - not that clever as it turns out, as the washing pegs are now glued to my very delicately held in place fence!

To add to the fun, Hubby has decided to completely change the layout of the track, and double the size of the model.  The pieces of scenery I've already got started on won't be affected.  I made them mobile, as he gave hints that this layout wasn't the final one right at the beginning - but it does mean I'll have to get a shift on to fill in all the scenery on such a large model.  I'm trying to complete one thing every week...  but at the same time, I've still got two small children, do a lot of Scouting, have a house and garden to look after and am trying to earn some money working from home (and keep being reminded not to try to do too much!).

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