Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Easiest Craft Ever - Mask

C has now made the leap to pre-school, so for three mornings each week Bug and I are having a bit of time on our own.  On his second morning away she was feeling a little lost without her playmate, so I quickly rustled up some materials and made this:

You need a piece of A4 card, glue, elastic, scissors and bits and pieces to stick.

I folded the piece of card in half and cut out the mask shape and the eyes.  I went for a jagged top edge, and a rounded bottom to sit against her cheeks.  To begin with I had the eyes spaced too widely, so I extended them towards the nose.

She was then set loose with pipe cleaners, pompoms and feathers, as well as glue, and had a great time sticking.

If you wanted to you could go with a theme here and make a pirate mask, an animal mask, a parrot mask, a clown mask or any other type of mask you can think of.  We just went bright and colourful.

Once the glue was dry I made a hole in each side and tied the elastic through.

She’s delighted!

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