Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bug's new bed

Bug is now a big girl.
Not long before her second birthday we decided that it was time to transition from cot to big-girl-bed.  Her bedroom is a little tight for space, so we had decided some time ago that she was going to have a cabin bed. Our selection criteria were that it:

  • should be wooden
  • should be sturdy, as we want it to last into her teens
  • should have a decent rail - she's still quite little and I don't want her falling out
  • should have steps (however steep), rather than a ladder with rungs.  Again, she's only little, and I want to make it as easy as possible for her to get in and out safely.
This is what we ended up with: 
We spent a Friday evening assembling all the different components and then, very excitedly, she climbed in.
Unbelievably, she has yet to try to climb out during the night.  She seems to accept that she is supposed to stay in until morning!  She loves her pillow and her duvet, and she loves that Mummy or Daddy come in for a cuddle and a story at bed time, which we obviously couldn't do with the cot.

There's a little corner at the end of the bed where the shelves are, which I have filled with her bean bag, cushions and soft toys - it's her story corner.  If, at any time, she goes quiet and I don't know where she is, she'll either be in bed with a book, or in her story corner with a dozen books.
As you can see from the pictures, C loves his sister's bed too.

 Now I'm just keeping an eye out for a solid wooden chair, which I'm going to paint to co-ordinate with her bedroom, to go with the desk part of the bed.

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