Sunday, 10 March 2013

A fishy story

This gorgeous mobile (no, don't ask me why the photo comes out sideways on my blog when it was the right way up in my computer!) is very fishy, and also a lot of fun for two small people.
 Here's what we used: holographic card, sparkly sequins and jewels and sticky stars, glue, scissors and pencil, needle, thread and blutac, wooden dowelling (just a few bits lying around, you could use sticks from the garden).
 First I drew and cut out some basic fish shapes in a whole variety of sizes from the holographic card, then I set the children loose with the glue and sparkles to decorate them.  They both also cut out some more holographic card to add to the decorations.
Once the fist were on their way to being decorated I started to tie the dowelling, and hung it above us in the kitchen.  As each fish was finished I made a hole in the top of it using the needle and the blu-tac, put some thread through and tied it to the dowelling.  This bit is tricky as it always needs to be balanced.
The finished article looks amazing, it moves in any air, and the fish sparkle in the sunlight.  It really fits in with our water/sea theme this month, and follows on nicely from our visit to "Deep Sea World" just outside Edinburgh on Thursday.  Unfortunately I kept bumping it with my head where it was hanging in the kitchen, so it has migrated to C's bedroom, where it has a bit more space to work the magic.

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