Monday, 18 March 2013

A crafty morning with the little ones.

"Mummy, can we do some craft things this morning?"
"Yes.  What would you like to do?"
"Can we use the fancy scissors?"
At the moment he still goes with what he wants to use, rather than having a project in mind, so at this point I brought out "Creative Crafts for Kids", which I borrowed from the library and will definitely be buying a copy of.  We chose a quick and easy project to make little baskets using the fancy scissors.

  •  You get a square of coloured paper and cut along one edge with the fancy scissors.  
  • You then roll the square around a beaker, with the zig-zag edge towards the top of the beaker.  Fasten with tape.
  • Fold the rest of the paper square down over the bottom of the beaker to make the base of your basket and fasten with tape.
  •  Use your fancy scissors to cut a strip of paper for the handle and staple or tape in place.
  • Decorate.  We used self adhesive holographic shapes.
While they were finishing decorating their baskets I got some paints out in blues, greens, a dash of white, yellow and black, some sparkly and some not. 

We started to paint pieces of paper to be the sea.

 Then we drew and cut out a boat.  The one below is C's pirate ship, and he painted on a pirate as well.  He likes pirates at the moment.  Once the boat was complete and cut out, and the painting was dry, we stuck it on to the sea.

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