Friday, 2 November 2012

Creative inspiration - paint your child's bedroom

Firstly - apologies for the photos, I seem to have killed yet another camera, and as soon as I can scrape together some cash may be investing in another one.  This one has lasted 10 months since last Christmas, but  it has had a lot of use.
Enough on that though, on to the post...
C's bedroom used to have a built in wardrobe, which we took out.  We painted the alcove white, but it didn't look right, and would have needed another couple of coats.  We've put C's wardrobe into the space, as well as some other bits and pieces.

I had some creative inspiration of what to do to make a feature out of the spot.  I painted the alcove with one  coat of some pale green emulsion that we had left over from painting the master bedroom.
A few weeks later (today) I completed the project.  I drew out my design on paper first, which didn't really look as I hoped because the children helped.  Then, I drew directly onto the wall, making it clear to C that he wasn't allowed to do this.  I used normal poster paint to paint on.  First I painted the tree trunk and branches and the back colour of the squirrel and owl with brown paint.
Next I used a sponge to apply a not quite mixed palette of green, yellow and white as leaves, and a brush to apply green for grass.
I used a sponge again to apply purple, white and yellow for spring woodland flowers, and a brush to apply purple and yellow for butterfly wings and yellow and white for the chest, talons, beak and eyes of the owl.  I then applied black for details throughout.   
I'm quite pleased with the result, I think it looks really effective.  C loves it, and was desperate to show Hubby when he got home.  The whole thing only took about an hour to paint.

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