Friday, 23 November 2012

An advent calendar of activities to prepare for Christmas with toddlers.

Once the advent calendar comes out we know we're on a countdown to Christmas.  C knows what to expect, and with non-stop Christmas music in the shops, Christmas trees and Santas wherever you look and all the hype, it'll be an achievement to keep his feet on the ground in the run up to the big day.  Bug is still pretty clueless.  She'll go with whatever her big brother suggests.  So, to keep them on track, help get things organised at my end, encourage them to think about what Christmas means, and about other people, and allow them some way to express their excitement I've come up with twenty-four activities for the advent period.  One activity for each day. I've kind of broken them down into which need doing earlier to help me out, but there isn't a specific day, to allow us a bit of flexibility.  Hopefully I'll be blogging as we go through December on some of the progress that we are making with the list.

  • Make Christmas cake
  • write and post Christmas cards
  • go to Ceramic Experience to make gifts
  • donate things to charity shops

  • make stars and angels
  • make a wreath
  • make a stable scene (felt I think, but maybe card)
  • make snowflakes (paper cutting - C will love to practise his cutting skills)
  • peace and goodwill chart (we'll put stickers on whenever we do something to make somebody else feel happy)
  • go to a Carol Service (it'll be my District Scout one)
  • make Christmas decorations (fir cones dipped in glue and then glitter, salt dough and felt)
  • watch The Snowman
  • check that we've got all the presents that we need
  • read the Christmas story
  • make a snowman (if we don't have any snow then we'll use cotton wool and make a mini one!)
  • plant a mini-Christmas tree
  • do some artwork for mummy and daddy (I've started a tradition of them doing something for us as a Christmas present which then goes on the sitting room wall)
  • go for a winter walk
  • plant a fruit tree

  • decorate Christmas tree
  • wrap Christmas presents
  • pack for Christmas trip
  • leave snack for Santa and reindeer and put out stockings

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