Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ten things that a three-year-old can do for themselves...

Of course this is different for every child.  C has only just turned three, and we'll be building on his skills and independence as the year progresses, but here are a few of the things that I expect him to do now:

  1. brush his own teeth (with supervision and reminders on technique)
  2. get dressed and undressed by himself and put dirty clothes in the laundry
  3. tidy up his toys at the end of the play session
  4. lay the table (with supervision and guidance)
  5. blow his own nose
  6. straighten his own bed (and take the pillowcase off when it's time to change the bedding)
  7. use the potty when necessary and wipe after a #1.
  8. wash his own hands
  9. pour his own drink (when the jug isn't too heavy)
  10. choose his outfit for the day

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