Thursday, 30 August 2012

Completed project! Bean bag

 If pride is a sin, then I'll admit to feeling particularly sinful today.  I finished something that has taken me a long time to get around to.  

Here's the background.  Before Bug was born we already knew that C was going to be moving out of the cot in the small bedroom close to ours on the ground floor, and into a big boy bed in his own big boy bedroom upstairs.  I wanted to make it really nice for him and planned to make a special bean-bag seat, a duvet cover and a pair of curtains, all with really cool cars on.  I found some lovely fabric - Traffic Jam, from, but at £9.50 per metre I couldn't afford too much of it, so bought three metres, and bought some apple coloured polycotton sheeting to use as a base fabric, with the transport fabric as panels.  Things were going brilliantly - then Bug put in an early appearance.  The fabric has been sitting, abandoned in a neat pile in the spare bedroom for the last eighteen months.  This week I finally got around to completing at least one part of the project!

I won't include the instructions here, because I got them from and they are very clear on the website.  So anyway, here's the finished article and I am very proud of it, and as you can see, C is pleased too! 


  1. very jealous, I have been meaning to make 2 of these for years, maybe you have spurred me on to do it this autumn. Brilliant well done.

  2. Thank-you! I'm feeling good about my epic to-do list at the moment!