Friday, 3 August 2012

Her favourite words.

These are the ten favourite words used by Bug, who is now approaching 18 months:

  • no - regularly and vehemently
  • mummmmeeeeee - in a plaintive, piteous tone, which means "mummy I need you for a cuddle right now"
  • daddy! - in a gurgle of pleasure as he arrives home from work
  • weah - which can be translated as "yes", in answer to a question.
  • buh, buh - as she goes to fetch a book from the bookcase or basket and climbs on to your lap with it
  • deddy - (teddy) wailed from the bedroom when she's dropped him out of the cot or can't find him.
  • there - when you're looking at the pictures in a book and asking her, "where's the cat?", her chubby finger points at it with a triumphant "there".
  • boo's (boots) - as she fetches her wellies yet again from the shoe cupboard and sits down to try to put them on
  • ball, ball - this can be a balloon or a bubble, but is usually as she fetches one of the Waggy-tailed-one's balls from the basket to throw for her, or a football in the garden.
  • bike / lorry / car / tractor - whenever she spots them, gleefully.

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