Wednesday, 4 July 2012

When your children are unwell on holiday...

I'm beginning to think that C might be allergic to holidays.  Last June we were in Scarborough and for the first time ever, he decided to get a stomach bug and be sick all over the rented farmhouse.  This year, he gets his second ever stomach upset... and we end up taking him to hospital in Amsterdam.  In all seriousness though.  When they are poorly while you are on  holiday you have all sorts of mixed up feelings about it:
  • You're anxious about them and want them to feel better (just as you would at home)
  • You are conscious that this is your precious time off and you've spent hard earned money getting to your holiday and you don't want to go home without seeing the place.
  • You're sad for your little one, as they are also missing out on all the fun that goes with the holiday.
  • You're worried that if it turns out to require medical intervention (i.e. a hospital): Will they speak English?  Will the EHIC card work or will you have to pay?

As it turns out.  C was sick a couple of times and slept the remainder of the journey.  Mercifully, each time it was when he had just eaten, so we weren't in the car with the yuckiness that would entail for the rest of the journey.  While in Amsterdam, on the Friday I stayed in the caravan with Bug while Hubby was at his conference and C slept and sweated in his bunk.  On the Saturday Hubby stayed in the caravan while Bug and I got to explore Amsterdam.  On the Saturday night we thought we'd investigate what hospitals are like in the Netherlands.  

He was fine by the way.  Just a virus.  Typically, by the time we were seen by a Doctor at the hospital his stomach pains had subsided and he was beginning to feel better.  By Sunday he was a little better and managed to eat something for the first time in days.  By Monday he was fine enough to come into Brugges on the bikes and eat a bit more (though very weak from not eating for six days).  By Tuesday he was almost back to normal.  He spent the rest of the holiday building his strength back up, ravenously hungry and eating double his normal rations!

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