Thursday, 19 July 2012

Computer nonsense

I'm still here.  Just about.  The computer upstairs that has all my photos on is playing silly nonsense and refusing to connect to the internet.  It does this every now and then, and I just leave it a few days and it repents and decides to reconnect.  This time it seems to be taking longer than a few days.  So I have access to the internet on my little mini-puter, which doesn't have photos on it.  I have lots of things that I want to post about, but I've also been really good and got lots of photos!

I'm away tomorrow morning for a week leaving poor hubby behind all on his lonesome while I steal away with the children (C was 3 yesterday - where has the time gone?  Eeek!) down to Devon to visit my lovely family, and when I return I will have my 5 year old nephew D with me.  He's a star, but is already a big-school-boy and so doesn't need to nap, so I won't have my two-hour "get stuff done" window in the middle of the day.  Who knows when I'll get a chance to sit back at the computer and see if it's prepared to reconnect.

Didn't want anybody to think I'd fallen off the planet.  I am still here.  And I will be back soon!

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