Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our topic in June - People, and people who help us

Bearing in mind that we spent about half of June away on holiday, our loose topic was "People, and people who help us".  Here are some of the things that we did based on that theme:

  • We bought and read "Who's in a family?" by Robert Skutch.
  • I cut out some simple outline people and we used them in our painting.  We used them as a stencil to paint over, leaving a white space, and we used them to print with.  Once they were painted we also stuck them on a different colour background.

  • We wrote some thank you letters for various things.
  • C and I had discussions about various emergency scenarios - what to do if he got lost in the supermarket, what to do if he got lost out at the shops, who to go to for help, what to do if there was an emergency at home and mummy couldn't phone for an ambulance etc. etc.
  • We counted people in pictures.

  • We sent postcards to Nana and Grandad.
  • We drew around Bug on a large piece of paper, and then labelled her limbs and drew on a face.
  • We visited a hospital (see yesterday's post!)

  • We looked out for fire stations.
  • We made some pipe-cleaner people.

  • We visited Nana and Grandad and Auntie J and Uncle S, and spent time with Grandma and Auntie A, Uncle Matt, and cousins D, B and R.
  • C learned our phone number and address.
  • We sang "One man went to mow"
  • we cuddled our dolls

  • We played with small world toys such as Lego and Duplo.
  • I printed out a whole load of "people who help us" colouring in sheets, which they both had great fun with.

  • C learned to do up and undo his buttons.
  • We drew and painted one another (no comments on my artistic abilities please!).

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