Saturday, 26 May 2012

Taking toddlers to the dentist

Okay, so I'm still a bit rubbish at keeping up with the blog.  Perhaps this time I should blame the beautiful weather?  We've been outside in it any chance we've had, and there has been lots of pottering about in the garden (another post).

This one's about taking toddlers to the dentist.  I've been going to my 6 monthly dental check-ups since I was first pregnant with C, and the children have always come along too.  I make sure that I keep things very relaxed and fun (I didn't take C with me when I was a bag of nerves facing my first ever filling!).

Despite this, C has yet to open his mouth more than a fraction and let the dentist have a look at his pearly gnashers.  

  • We've tried an "open wide" dentist game - he checks out my teeth anyway.  
  • We've tried bribery and corruption - if he showed the dentist his teeth, I would ask her if he's okay to have a battery toothbrush - he opened a centimetre, just enough for me to accede that he'd tried and get the toothbrush.  
  • I've admired his lovely teeth.  
  • We've talked about why the dentist is good, and that she helps us to take care of our teeth which are really important.
Still no show.  This time around Bug (aged 15 months) opened wide and had a giggle at the dentist, but still not C.  Now I know why.... to keep things relaxed and non-intimidating, the dentist wants to look at their teeth while they are sitting on the edge of the chair or on my knee, not lying back with all the machinery and lights...he told me afterwards that he wanted to open his mouth on the "lying down chair" and he had been waiting for that.  So now I know.  Next time he'll get to lie down on the big chair at the dentist and we'll see if he manages to open his mouth!

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