Monday, 14 May 2012

Quick ideas for entertaining toddlers - shredded paper!

Bug woke up from her sleep earlier than C, and since I was in the process of emptying the bins, I emptied the shredder into the old baby bath.  First of all she had some fun just playing with this, and also putting it back into the shredder bin, then we added her stacking stars, and this gave the activity another ten minutes or so of good fun and exploring.
It was on the kitchen floor, which needed sweeping anyway, so there wasn't even any extra mess!

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  1. Is that Bug in the pictures? He look so cute, Mel. :) Make sure that your paper shredder is turned off and unplugged before you let the kids play, okay? An unattended shredder can be very dangerous to both kids, and pets if you have one.