Thursday, 29 March 2012

Seasons Change - Central Scotland in March

Wow.  Last year we still had a glacier at the end of our street until May, where they had piled up the snow from the road.  This March we have been hitting record temperatures, we've had the paddling pool out already, have had picnics in the play-park and have eaten evening meals al-fresco... IN MARCH!... IN SCOTLAND!!!

Here's what things look like:
earlier in the month we were definitely still in coats and boots

warm fleecy jumpers and leg-warmers (with a sun-hat)

by the end of the month we've had the paddling pool out!

butterflies are emerging (sadly this one didn't make it - but C was fascinated)

it's warm enough to get the washing dry on the line!

all sorts of things are emerging

I love the cheerfulness of Daffs

things are getting busy in the green-house

the garlic is growing well
Sorry, not many pics here from out and about, but the garden gives a snap-shot of conditions here.

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