Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Earth Hour 2012

what will you be doing on 31st March at 8.30pm?

I'll be in the Lake District with my sisters, my mum and all my nephews and nieces - but I'm going to ask the nice people at the Youth Hostel if we can have the lights switched off for an hour.


Because it's WWF Earth Hour. and for the UK

It's all about uniting people across the world to do something, even a very small thing, for one hour, to save the planet.  Switch off the lights.  

If enough people, organisations and countries get involved in this can you imagine what it might look like from space?  Would you even notice lots of lights being switched off, or is it just a drop in the ocean?  We can find out because WWF has an ambassador right up there in the International Space Station who'll be letting us know what he can see.  How amazing is that?  

People are pledging to ride their bikes to work for a month, to eat vegetarian for one night a week and more.  Historic Scotland properties will be switching off their flood lights.  Various other organisations are switching off all power for the whole day.

My pledges - to ask Derwentwater hostel to turn off the lights in the common room areas and provide candles instead; to eat vegetarian at least one night per week.

Sign up now and do something for the planet.

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