Thursday, 1 March 2012

Seasons Change - Central Scotland in February

Now that it's March I decide that it's officially Spring.  That's the way it works.  Dec/Jan/Feb - Winter; Mar/Apr/May - Spring; June/July/Aug - Summer; Sept/Oct/Nov - Autumn.

Anyhow, Spring has actually been gradually creeping up on us this last month - here's some evidence that we can see around here:
still wrapped up warm at the beginning of the month, but no gloves or scarf

lots of snowdrops out (and the crocus' are beginning to appear now too)

flowers beginning to brave the garden

tulips pushing upwards

yay!  Rhubarb breaking the surface!  Not that I'll make much use of it this year since I split the  plant  in the autumn and it needs time to build up strength

the currant cuttings that I took in the autumn are showing signs of life

veggie patch is looking empty, but that just means it's all ready to be filled up

a little misty on the hills there, but really mild and a spring feel to the day

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