Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Another cheap and free idea for entertaining a toddler.  I just provided a range of items from the recycling box - pizza boxes, lightbulb box, milk bottle lids, pictures from magazines, loo roll tubes, yoghurt pots etc., some PVA glue and a brush and set him loose.
He spent about an hour quite happily gluing things to a pizza box.  I pottered around the kitchen and occasionally stepped in with some support or direction, showing him for example how to:

  • brush the backs of things with glue in order to stick them on, not just placing them on and then gluing the top
  • hold things still for a while to let the glue start to dry so that they stick on

While we didn't make anything that resembled anything, and there was no clear outcome for production in mind, I just wanted him to experience playing with glue and learning what works and what doesn't.  He was pretty happy with the result anyway, which is all that matters.

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