Saturday, 1 October 2011

Growing Pains

I don't think it's Little C who has any pain, but he's been causing me a pain (in my head) and being a pain (in the neck)!

I'm pretty sure he's growing.  Despite sleeping a good twelve hours at night, and a good two or three hours every afternoon, he's very tired.  He has shadows under his eyes and boy can he lose the plot occasionally.

Normally he is lovely.  More than lovely.  As toddlers go I think I have myself a treasure here.  He is kind, thoughtful, loving, affectionate, adores his sister, adore the dog, he's intelligent and communicative, tantrums are few and far between... except when he's tired.

Wednesday and Thursday were great days.  Yesterday was not such a great day.  From throwing keys at Little Sis, screaming at me a lot, pushing Little Sis (who is sitting fine, but doesn't have great balance) over about eight times, charging about like a loony, running into things, pouring soapy bathwater over Little Sis's face and into her mouth (she was lying down in the bath), throwing the bathroom scales down... aaaggggghhhh!!!!!  I managed to stay calm most of the day and only got really cross once (the bathroom scales were right next to me and I was concentrating on Little Sis's nappy).  We had plenty of Time Out and, bless his little cotton socks, he was devastated every time he did something.  He just wasn't really in control and was acting on impulse without engaging brain first.  He needed a lot of cuddles.

Today has started out much better.  I've kept him occupied.  Given him space and time to run around and play rough, but also given him calming and soothing activities - drawing and sticking, stories etc. and  lots of opportunities to get praise for helping me.

I count my blessings.  This was one day, and a rarity.  Some parents have difficult days every day.  Big C reacted in just the right way too when he came home.  He put Little C to bed and gave me some space to breathe.

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