Sunday, 2 October 2011

Best pics from September

I can't believe we're already here in October!  Here are my best photos from September.  Bear in mind that I had no camera for the last week or so, and that I didn't take many on our holiday (what with the rain and the two small children and the dog).
Little Sis shows that she is as photogenic as her big brother

Early adventures with eating - blackcurrant yoghurt

Little C digging potatoes

Little C exploring the woods in search of wild raspberries

Working out how to get over the fence with the stile

My babes in the bath

Little C washing up at camp

Little ball... big ball (the Waggy-tailed-one is waiting expectantly out of shot)

snuggled with mummy for a walk in the rain

Big C watching for wildlife (not too much to be seen when we have a toddler and dog charging about)

Wearing mummy's camping hat

Big C carrying Little Sis, with Waggy-tailed-one running, on the beach at Sand on Applecross

Little C collecting shells on the beach

Waggy-tailed-one on the beach

Little Sis enjoying the sunshine

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