Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Words of advice

Don't get washing powder in your eye.

I know, it sounds obvious doesn't it.  You'll be amazed how easily a granule of powder can flick up as you're hurrying to pour it into the drawer.  
It's a painful mistake to make.  
As I am neither permanently blinded nor in hospital you can tell that thankfully in my case the error wasn't too serious.  
Just serious enough to temporarily blind me as my eyes streamed and I tried very hard not to rub the offended one as that made things much more painful.  The thought ran through my head that if I couldn't fix it I would need to run next door to ask the neighbour to help / run me to hospital.  Thankfully the little ones were entertaining one another on the sitting room floor.  I was able to grope my way to the bathroom sink and throw lots of cold water at my face, which allowed me to see out of the other eye, so I could find the eye lotion and bathe the painful one.  In turn the bathing soothed and washed out the eye enough that I could examine it and find and wash out the remaining stubborn granule from under the lower lid.  
After that I was fine.  Eye bright red and watering for another hour, which led to concerned looks and cuddles from Little C, but fine.

I can't say I'll take more care next time - how do you take more care loading a washing machine?  Besides, when you wash at least one load every day what with food, poo, paint, sick, dribble, cloth nappies, towels, bedding and so on, you quite often shove it in without much thought.  Still, I will try not to get any more in my eyes.

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