Tuesday, 30 August 2011

First adventures with food

Our little girl is now eating... or should I say, our little girl never stops eating!  Now that she's discovered the joys of food there's no stopping her.  
We stuck with just the good stuff (breast milk) until a little short of six months and then just threw ourselves into food in all its glory and wonder.  
We don't do puree, or jars/pouches.  We just give her a bit of whatever we're having and see how she gets on.  
If it's squishy (tonight it was mashed potato and tinned tomato) then we put it on a spoon and either hand her the spoon to feed herself or help her out, and if it's possible to hold in the hand, then we give it to her to deal with herself (tonight that bit was the sausage).
She makes some delightful faces, but she's really tucking in to everything.  The photo above is a wedge of nectarine.  She's also had spaghetti, sandwiches, lots of fruit, peas, potatoes, fish, chicken, bread, toast, egg, soup and lots lots more.  She struggles a little with the co-ordination required to pick the food up and get it to her mouth, and tends to sweep it towards herself and then dive at it, but there's been a marked difference already, as she's practising the skills so often.  When she gets too frustrated I hold the food and she grabs my hand (an easier target) and pulls that towards her mouth.  What a joy!
It's made a difference to Little C too: if he sees Little Sister eating something, then he wants to eat it too.  To begin with he regressed a bit with cutlery use and wanted a spoon or fingers the same as Little Sister, but then I pointed out that she was watching him to learn how to eat nicely, and I've noticed the cutlery being used a bit more again.

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