Sunday, 28 August 2011

Where have I been?

Where have I been?  Good question actually.  A long weekend in a proper moated Norman castle with nephews, nieces, sisters and mum (more in another post later).  And since then I've just been running around chasing my tail trying to keep up with the normal, mundane, day to day type stuff.  Until today.  

Today for the first time in well over two years (since I was pregnant with Little C) I went on my bike.  Now that Little Sis is 6 months she is big enough to wear the smallest sized splash suit that you can get, and big enough (just) to buy a cycle helmet and to sit in a bike seat.

So off we drove to cycle a bit of track we've been lusting after.  It goes from Glen Ogle down to Lochearnhead and is an old railway track hugging the hillside and with splendiferous views.  Being an old railway track means no cars, so the Waggy-tailed-one could race along at our sides.  For Little Sister's first time we kept things short, but even then we had to sit down on a mossy rock for a feed.  Little C didn't mind, we had a stash of chocolate buttons for him.

So yippee!  Now that she's 6 months, we can be an outdoor family!  Next stop - a camping trip in Wester Ross (more on that in a future post too!).

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