Sunday, 5 June 2011

Musings, and targets for next week

Just sitting here musing, and tapping away on the mini-puter while Little Sister (overtired) sucks away but refuses to completely drop off.  
Reverie - Sunset Musings
George Cochran Lambdin - Reverie - Sunset Muings

I'm tired.  I keep waking up at 5 or 5.30am for some reason, and then sleep from then on is fitful and disturbed by very odd dreams.  It's not Little Sister's fault.  She very rarely wakes before 7am.  I don't know.  All I do know is that it's making me grumpy and not at all my usual positive and smily self.  Big C even commented today that I seem to be struggling to keep my patience with Little C, who is after all only being a toddler.  It's odd and unnecessary because I'm very happy, satisfied and content with my life, with the direction it's taking and with my lovely family.  I abandoned the housework this week, that didn't help much - I hate seeing it mount up and the house look such a tip.

I set myself 4 targets last week.  Here's how I did:
  1. mow the lawns (did it this lunchtime while the wee ones were sleeping - so that's one ticked off already!) - yay, success before I even started!
  2. cement posts into fruit bed in garden so that I can put up netting (I've been meaning to do this since last Summer) - this one felt so good.  Sounds daft, but what a weight off my mind to get something done that has been eluding me for so long.  We had a lovely day on Friday and spent pretty much the whole day outside.  I managed to dig the holes while Little C pottered nearby (also digging) and Little Sister had her morning nap, then played with him and Little Sister for a couple of hours, then managed to get them both settled for their afternoon nap and got the posts cemented in - yay!
  3. start making my niece's first birthday present (another doll like these) - yes.  This is now beside my armchair to keep my hands occupied during my 9-10pm nightly TV rendez-vous with Big C (The Mentalist or CSI usually)
  4. go out jogging or on the exercise bike at least once - didn't manage this one.  I'll try again next week...
This week's aims:
  1. sort out my clothes as per this post.
  2. Get the house sorted and clean and tidy so that I can relax on holiday knowing that it's clean when I get back.
  3. Finish preparing for the Module 16 training course I am running on Tuesday night (Introduction to Residential Experiences) for 19 participants.  Run it to the best of my ability.  Gather feedback for my portfolio.  Getting ready for this will take me tomorrow naptime, tomorrow evening and Tuesday naptime.  These things always take longer than you expect!
  4. Still aiming to get that jog or exercise bike thing done...
High Hopes
I found this picture on this website, but am not sure what the original source is.  It's beautiful, I hope they don't mind me pinching it.

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