Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Long time... what's going on with me?

Ok, so no pics with this post because otherwise it'll be another week before I post it.  A quick precis of how we're doing here.  Over the last few weeks: 

  • Daisy has been feeding a lot and has piled on the weight.  She is most definitely not a newborn any more but a solid little girl.
  • I've had a lot of help.  In the first week after the birth my parents-in-law were here until the Thursday, the following Tuesday my sister-in-law arrived until the Saturday, then Big C had a week of holiday and two weeks Paternity Leave, then my mum came up for two weeks.  
  • This has been great as it's meant Little C getting plenty of attention and having time to adjust to little sister, I haven't had to worry too much about dog-walking, laundry or ironing and have had cups of tea on tap.  
  • It has meant though that the lack of normal routine and handfuls of late nights has built into a heap of over-tiredness for Little C so that his daytime naps and settling to sleep at night are all over the place - a bit of a concern since he's going to need  to move into a "big boy bed" and new bedroom in a couple of weeks so that Daisy can have the cot.  Being tired also has a big impact on his behaviour.  He's a smashing little boy, but can be a little trying when he's tired!
  • Anyway, this is now day 3 of managing two of them on my own and while the housework has pretty much been abandoned (sorry Fly Lady - I will find time again soon!) I have managed the laundry and to get dinner done each day.  Part of the success I think is making sure that I get washed and dressed and that the children are dressed before 8am.  That way we are ready for the day.  I'm lucky that Little C is just at a stage of increasing independence, so he's quite happy to play pretty much on his own in the garden for an hour while I feed Daisy in the kitchen.
  • Today as been a breakthrough because I have successfully been able to put Daisy down for an hour in her bouncy chair!  Up until now, any time I put her down in the chair or her bed (even when she was sound asleep) she would wake up after no more than 15 minutes and scream the place down, so she's spent most of the last couple of days in arms or in the sling.  I also think we might be ready to try putting her to bed at around 8pm rather than 10pm, so will try that tonight.
So there we are.  As you can see - at the moment it's absolutely all about the children.  Speaking of which, Little C has now been chatting in his cot for an hour and is clearly not going to sleep despite being very tired, so I'll get him up, give him some lunch and try again in an hour.

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