Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Things to do with a young toddler - indoors part 3!

These are the ones that set you apart from the other mummies, the ones your children will remember and treasure and ultimately the ones that will unlock your toddler's creative side...

  • Sand and water play – This is fairly self-explanatory.  We have a home-made sand tray (from two grow-bag trays) which is under cover but outdoors so that it can be used in any weather, and for water play we either use the paddling pool on the lawn or the bath.  He's also now big enough that he can reach the kitchen sink with his steps and is quite happy splashing about in there for 15 minutes.  I sometimes give him his cups and bowls to wash at the same time.
  • Messy play – You can't go wrong with a bit of mess - in moderation!  I like to get out the messy stuff and either put it out in the garden or on the kitchen floor (weather dependent), remove most of Little C's clothes and let him get on with it for a short time, then I transfer him straight to the bath for some "water play"!  I tend to put the messy stuff in the redundant baby bath, and give him some spoons, jugs, cups, funnels and so on.  Things I have used are porridge oats (with or without water), dry or cooked rice, dry or cooked pasta, jelly, flour and water, cornflour and water and a little food colouring.  I always tell him whether it's okay to eat whatever he is playing with.
  • Noisy play - You could let them play with drums, maracas, shakers and other noisy toys all day long.  If, however, this is more than your nerves can take, then keep the noisy things separate in their own basket and bring them out for a half hour "noisy play" session every day or two.  The novelty will make your children enjoy the toys more; and knowing that there's a time limit will help your sanity and make you more likely to interact positively and join in with the fun!

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