Monday, 18 October 2010

Improving the blog

I was looking at this new blog and wondering how to improve it.  I have come up with the following, which should improve the quality of the blog, and then once I've developed that a bit better, I can look at how to increase the traffic visiting the blog.

What do I want out of this blog?

  • be a kind of writing exercise book - we all know that any skill improves with constant practice.  I've thought about doing writing exercises, but with a toddler and a house and a garden and a pregnancy and so many other things to think about, without some sort of deadline it's easy to let that slip by.  Having a commitment to write regularly on a blog should help keep me writing regularly.

    • showcase my writing so that any potential publishers or clients who see the link to it on the bottom of my e-mail, or who happen upon it, get a realistic idea of the standard of my writing.
    • share inspirations and creative ideas with other like-minded individuals.  Once the blog starts to get more traffic, and I work out how to get "searched" then I'll also hopefully appear on search engines when people are searching for information or ideas.
    How to improve the blog:
    • Keep it brief.  Work to a word limit - I'm thinking 350 words to keep things succinct and stop myself waffling.
    • Stick to a time limit.  I don't want to spend all my time preparing and writing posts either, so I'll stick to a time limit of 30 minutes per day to read, prepare, find images, write and edit posts.
    • Include four images with each post.
    • Read through at least once before "preview" and again at least once before "publish".
    • Try not to write too much about us, though family and friends might be interested I guess - but I should try to be more informative instead.
    Any more ideas on how I can improve things please do add a comment!

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