Friday, 19 December 2014

Days 4 and 5 - From Stay-at-Home-Mum to Work-at-Home-Mum - Diary of a Transition

Days 4 and 5

A couple of interesting days because its the end of term.  More than that, it's the end of C's first term at school, and Bug's first term at her new pre-school, and it's Christmas!

Here's yesterday:
Work stuff - wrote an article for i-writer and researched some "filler" ideas to submit.
Mum stuff - washed and hung another load of laundry; took the dog out for 40 minutes in the woods; did the Grocery shopping; dropped the kids off at school and collected them; finished writing all the Christmas cards and posted them; posted my nephew's birthday present; spent some time just chilling with the children when they got home from school; iced the Christmas cake.
Just for me - played a game on the computer for half an hour; read a magazine; watched some TV.

And today:
Work stuff - put first coat and a half of varnish on six garden decorations; sanded down wooden blocks for another making project; contacted a craft fair organiser about booking a stall.
Mum stuff - took the children and the dog to Queen's Wood and spent an hour and a half walking and playing there; made the gingerbread pieces ready to build a gingerbread house tomorrow (was delighted that the children made "pop biscuits" with the spare gingerbread - a favourite food of the characters in "The Magic Faraway Tree" which we've just been reading); made mince pies; did a load of ironing and washed and hung another load of laundry;
Just for me - watched a film with Hubby.

I'm still a bit concerned that I'm not getting enough work done, but when I note it down like this, I can see that my day is pretty full and I'm doing plenty of lovely things with the children.

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