Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Day 3 - From Stay-at-Home-Mum to Work-at-Home-Mum - Diary of a transition

Day 3
Wednesdays and Thursdays (Tuesdays and Thursdays after Christmas) Bug goes to pre-school, so from 9.15 ish to 2.45 ish I have the day to myself.  I do get quite a bit of some work done in that time, but I also take the opportunity to get the grocery shopping done without having to referee two children, and to plough up and down the local swimming pool, something I really missed when I always had a couple of small armband-wearing cling-ons attached.  So here's how today went:

Mum stuff
Dropped the children off at school and pre-school and picked them up again.
Did a load of ironing, washed another load and hung it to dry.
Went to do the grocery shopping, realised that I'd left my Christmas coupons at home (by the back door, ready to take!), so just did a small shop and will go back tomorrow.
Wrapped Christmas gifts for teachers and pre-school staff.
Went for a short bike ride with the dog loping along next to me.
Made a birthday card for nephew and wrapped his present ready to post in the morning.
Started writing Christmas cards

Scout stuff
Hubby and I met with the District Explorer Scout Commissioner and Explorer Scout Administrator to tease out issues with Explorer Scouting in the District, think about a way forward and see where we could offer to help.
Work stuff
Continued to paint the next ten wooden garden decoration shapes.  They'll be ready for their first coat of varnish in the morning.
Wrote a blog post.
Posted a sold item.

Just for me!
45 minutes doing lengths of the local pool

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